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Wimbledon Dancing School Ballroom private lessons personal tuition

Private Lessons available in all dance styles from Wimbledon dance teacher. Why not have a personalised private lesson in which you can learn at your own personal speed? One hour private lessons available in various dance styles for one or more persons in street dance, disco dancing, line dancing, jazz, pop dance, zumba, ballroom dancing or latin dancing at our Wimbledon dance school locations or in your home. Lessons competitively priced at £50 per hour or £42 in your home if in Wimbledon area. Please note these rates are non-negotiable.

Wimbledon dance school private lessons. Freestyle disco Wimbledon private lessons, street dance private lessons, line dance private lessons. Also Wimbledon dance school private lessons in ballroom dancing - waltz, foxtrot, quckstep, tango. Private Wimbledon dance school lessons in latin dancing - cha cha cha, samba, rumba, paso doble, jive. Personalised dance tuition for you in Wimbledon. Other styles of couple dancing also available. I am a Wimbledon dancing teacher.


Please contact for more information paulsandwell@yahoo.co.uk.

I am a professional dancer qualified with the IDTA.